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Let’s Give Them a Safe Place to Live and Play

Let’s Give Them a Safe Place to Live and Play

It was built off their backs!

CPR Live and Play

Check out CPR Live and Play. It is a section available on this site. Live and Play is dedicated to relieving the pain of poverty one family at a time. We are a tiny non-profit that seeks to provide new housing for the poor in Myrtle Beach. We want to give children and their families a safe place to live and play. Each small neighborhood will also have a new small playground. All children deserve a safe place to live and play.

We need your help to give them a safe place to live and play. Our mission is to provide reasonably priced newly built homes to Myrtle Beach residents living in poverty. These homes will be sold to residents that qualify for federal home purchase programs. We will build the homes, help get the mortgage, assist with the down payment, and put a safe, new playground in each small neighborhood. Our vision is to relieve the suffering of poverty and give poor children a boost.

In this area, hospitality work is a way of life. It is hard and the pay is low. Tourism is the basis of our community. House prices are thru the roof and the housing supply is low. Houses are bought before they make it to market by rich out-of-town tourists and visitors. The working class to poor are left with substandard housing. Their children watch them work hard for little. I want the children in the area to prize hard work and look up to what their parents have done. They deserve a new safe place to live and play, just like all the other kids. This town was built on their parent’s backs.

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