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Kits 4 Kids

Best Commercial Roofing Contractor on the East Coast
Cedar Peak Roofing

News Release
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Cedar Peak Roofing will donate three sensory kits to various elementary schools in our area.

SENSORY KITS FOR KIDS Myrtle Beach— 2/9/2023 -Today, Cedar Peak Roofing at the beginning of a new initiative.

Positive Community Impact Cedar Peak Roofing LLC, a leading commercial roofing contractor on the East Coast, has announced a new initiative to support local elementary school students. The company will give sensory kits to students who may benefit from sensory toys and headphones to encourage their inclusion in events, activities, trips, and adventures with family and friends while helping them feel more at ease. "At Cedar Peak Roofing, we believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact in the lives of local students," said Dr. Even. "We are thrilled to provide these sensory kits, which will make a big difference for students who need extra support to participate in activities and events." The sensory kits will include sensory toys, headphones, and other items designed to help students regulate their sensory input and feel more comfortable in different environments. The initiative is part of Cedar Peak Roofing's commitment to promoting inclusion and support for children in the community. For more information about Cedar Peak Roofing and its initiative to support local students, please contact Angela Even at 843-855-2487.

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