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Easy tips to reduce waste at the jobsite

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

You may remember the commercial during the Saturday morning cartoons that reminded us all to think, reuse, and recycle. Yet, many contractors throw away incredible amounts of debris and "trash" daily. They forget that much of the material removed during a demolition or repair can be recycled. For example, your old shingles can be used to create asphalt for a new road. Plastic, glass, and aluminum can be recycled. Don't forget about metal. Copper wire is extremely recyclable and valuable.

Recycling is not the only way to reduce waste. Most wood including pallets can be reused. Finally, you can donate windows, doors, trim, tile, sinks and tubs to Habitat For Humanity Stores. Habitat For Humanity will sell these items at an extremely reduced price. Reuse and recycle is more important today than when it was coined many years ago.

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